EARTH MUSIC - perfect in sound & light   

EARTH-MUSIC Studio, Wetter/Germany

EARTH-MUSIC Studio - Wetter/Germany


Recording up to 48 tracks, analog 2" Sony/MCI or digital Tascam MX-2424,
Live-Recording on digital 24 rack.
Mastering on MCI JH-110C, Studer, DAT, MD or PC

Monitoring: JBL 4435, Trident LS-102 active, Spendor LS 3/5A BBC matched, Auratone Super Sound Cubes,
Sonodyne SM100AK, Sonodyne SM50AK

We combined the beautifull sound of vintage analog machines with the clarity of digital items.
The heart of the studio is a beautifull and warm sounding MCI JH-636 board with light meters and JH-50 automation. We have most of the well known high-end effects, microphones,
and other gear and
 we're offering lot's of vintage items and instruments as well.
You will find 3 drumsets (Yamaha, Keller-Drums, Tama), Yamaha DTX-Multi 12,  a Hammond M3 with 122 Leslie,
Fender Rhodes 73 Piano, Hohner Clavinet D-6, Wurlitzer 200A, Wurlitzer 206a, Yamaha CP-70M, Clavia Nord
Stage 2 HA88, Yamaha DX-7 II, Akai and E-mu samplers (S-6000, S-1000, ESI-4000, ESI-2000)  a collection
of vintage
guitar-amps, Egnater, Mesa Boogie, Marshall, Fender, Roland, Vox, Roland, Johnson ...

Other gear:
Lexicon 480L, Lexicon PCM-70, AMS-Neve RMX-16, Eventide Orville, Eventide DSP-4500, Eventide Princeton Reverb 2016,

Eventide Omnipressor, ORAM Sonicomp 2, Oram Hi-Def 4T Memory EQ, ORAM Hi-Def 35 EQ, Trident S-60 Gates, Trident S-40 Channel Strip, Yamaha REV-1, Yamaha D-1500, Korg SDD-3000, Audio Design Recording Vocal Stresser + Compex Limiter, dbx 160 Vintage Compressors, Urei 545 Parametric EQ's, Drawmer M-500, Aphex Compellor, Aphex 602B Aural Exciter, Aphex Aural Exciter Typ II Mod. 250, . . . . . . .

Neumann U-87 & U-47, Crown PZM 30 GPG, Audio Technika AT-4060 Vacuum Tube Mic's + AT-4050 + AT-3060, AE-2500, AT-35, Milab LSR-2000, Electro Voice RE-20, Rode NT-2A, NT-3, NT-4
, NT-5, Sennheiser MD-421 & MD-441, Beyer Dynamic Opus Drum-Set XXL, M-201, M-500, M-88, AKG C-414, D-12E, C-451, Shure Beta-58, Beta-87, Beta-57, SM-58, SM-57, . . . . . . .

We are working with the new updated versions of following Software:
Steinberg Nuendo, Cubase, The Grand, Halion, Halion Sonic

Magix PRO X Suite, Native Instruments Komplete, Native Instruments Symphony Series

Please do not wait to long to book your studio time, as we are frequently booking

Produktion of Music & Commercials
Arrangements - Compositions - Lyrics - Filmmusic - Produktions - Mastering

EARTH-MUSIC Studio, Wetter/Germany

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         EARTH-MUSIC Studio, Wetter/Germany

Contact:  Günter Erdmann
Phone: +49(0)2335 - 80 22 00+49(0)2335 - 80 22 00, Mobile:  +49(0)172 - 70 88 464+49(0)172 - 70 88 464
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