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Worldclass studio & sound professionals provide the service you need to make your production successful or solve your technical or acoustical problems!  We also design
your studio or venue!

Sound Doctors have been in business since the 1960’s, providing design, production, sales, installation and service of fine Studio-, Sound System-, Broadcast- and Theater equipment, but it all started with our interest in music and recording in the 1960's. We select the right components for your situation, advise on your purchase options, and install and service professionally. We will come to you purposfully to work either as service professionals, as sound designers, engineers or producers.

Yes, we make it easy for you and we usually save you money and time!

John Oram -
What ever you need, where ever you are -
we will fly in and do the right job for you to fulfill your target!

24 hours service-hotline: +49-172-7088464        or - Guenter Erdmann

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